Our story

The first issue of the Spectacular Slovakia was published in 1996 by the English-language newspaper The Slovak Spectator as a special magazine about travelling. Every year, a foreign journalist came to Slovakia, spent months traveling around the country and prepared a great travel magazine. In 2013, we decided to change the travel magazine format into the Spectacular Slovakia pocket-sized travel guide series. 

When preparing the content, we build on the long-term experience and international team of editors at The Slovak Spectator. In addition to the countrywide travel guide, there are several regional ones available. They look at selected areas and cities more in detail. Therefore, it is good to have in your library not only the Slovakia travel guide but also all the others. In addition to the original English-language travel guides, since 2014 we also offer some guides in the Slovak language and in German since 2019.

Our team of editors regularly contributes to the travel section content of the English-language newspaper about Slovakia, The Slovak Spectator. We've selected some travel articles, podcasts and traveller's needs for you that you can find in the travel tips section. The content of our travel guides is not just prepared from our desks. Editors go directly to the places they write about and look not only for attractions, but also for the stories of people, thanks to which you can discover the true face of Spectacular Slovakia.

Why purchase Spectacular Slovakia?

All our guides have well-arranged content written by an international team: Our international team has been travelling to every corner of Slovakia for more than 20 years. You can find tips that fit your travel style best. Handy planning tools will help you put together your own itinerary.

We answer your questions: Why are there so many castles in Slovakia? Which wines can you taste only in Slovakia? What is special about mountain porters in the Tatras?

We have unexpected travel tips for you: Take a real natural bath, pet a bear, hike in the capital, take a ride on a tank, explore an unknown cave, wander around a car factory, and descend into a mine.

For companies: 

For more information about the possibility to obtain guides in a larger amount as a special gift for your clients, visitors, new colleagues or international activities, please contact our sales department at: We also offer special formats for presenting your company.