Calendar of events

Selection of festivals, exhibitions, and traditional sports events.

JAN: Winter Castle Festivities (
Various performances for families, snow castle tour, and fireworks in Slovenský raj’s ski resort Mlynky

JAN: Biela stopa, Kremnica-Skalka (
International cross-country skiing competition

FEB: Tatry Ice Master, the High Tatras (

JAN-MAR: Krňačkové preteky / Sleigh race (
Races on old-style wooden sleighs taking place in several villages of central Slovakia

JAN/FEB: Big Air v meste (
Jumps on skis or snowboards directly in the city centre of Kremnica

MAR/APR: Bratislava Marathon (

APR/MAR: Hory a mesto / Mountains and the city (
International festival of outdoor activities in Bratislava

APR: Bratislava City Days (
Several municipal locations hold an open house and several museums and other cultural events are open free of charge

APR: Bratislava-Devín Run (
This is an 11.625km long run between Bratislava and Devín with a more than 60-year old history

APR/MAY: GLOBSEC - Bratislava Global Security Forum (
Leading security and foreign policy forum in central Europe

MAY: Flóra / Flora (
Flower exhibition in Bratislava

MAY: Slovak Food Festival in Bratislava (
Food tastings, discussions and workshops

MAY: Rotenstein – Knight Tournament (
Festival of mediaeval traditions and life at Holíč Castle

MAY/APR: World Touring Car Competition in Orechová Potôň (

MAY/APR: Turzoveslávnosti / Thurzo Festivities (
Summer season opening at Orava Castle

MAY: Bratislavský majáles / Bratislava May Fest (
Open-air festival on the Danube embankment featuring concerts, theatre performances and more

APR/JUN: Festival of Frankovka in Bratislava (
Festival of Frankovka, a wine variety grown in the Small Carpathian wine region

APR: Košice City Days (
Various cultural events in Košice

MAY: Commemorating the Victory over Fascism (
Re-enactment of historical battles from WWII in Bratislava

MAY: Nová drama / New Drama (
Festival of contemporary drama, that includes subtitles for non-native speakers in Bratislava

MAY: St Urban’s Day of Open Cellars (
More than 100 wine cellars open for wine lovers in the Small Carpathian wine region

MAY: We Managed to Defend Ourselves! (
Re-enactment of the siege that nearly saw Emperor Napoleon conquer Bratislava

MAY: World Cup of cooking and eating sheep cheese dumplings in Terchová (

MAY: Trdlofest (
Festival of music, wine, and Skalický trdelník – Skalica’s traditional pastry

JUN: Cirkul’art (
The Festival of Contemporary Circus with various circus, theatre and street performances, games and competitions in Bratislava

JUN: Bratislava Coronation Ceremony (
Re-enactment of the historical coronation ceremony of the Hungarian kings

JUN: Vegan Festival in Košice (in Bratislava in APR)

JUN: Cassovia Folkfest in Košice (

JUN: Ceramics market (
The market presenting traditional and contemporary ceramics in Pezinok

JUN: Musica Sacra (
International festival of sacral music in Bratislava

JUN: Gurmán Fest / Gourment Fest (,
Open-air food festival in Bratislava and Košice featuring cooking demonstrations and food tasting

JUN: Art Film Fest, Košice (
The most prominent international film festival in Slovakia

JUN: Fairy-tale Castle (
This festival arose as a reaction to visitors’ ideas connected with movie and television stories created in the interiors and exteriors of Bojnice Castle

JUN-AUG: Viva Musica Festival (
Open-air concerts of classical music and jazz in Bratislava

JUN: Ballon Fiesta (
Mass launch of hot air ballons in Košice

JUL: Bažant Pohoda, Trenčín (
The largest and most prominent open-air summer festival in Slovakia

JUL: Folklore festival under Poľana, Detva (

JUL/JUN: Folklore Festival in Východná (

JUL: Dobšinský kopec - FIA – European Hill Climb Championship (
A car racing competition in Dobšiná

JUL: World Aeromodeling Championship for RC Gliders in Martin (

JUL: European Folk and Crafts Festival, Kežmarok (

JUL: Cibula Fest / Onion Fest (
Multi-genre and multi-generation music festival in Holíč

JUL/AUG: Jánošík’s days (
Folklore festival in Terchová

JUL/AUG: Days of Bears, the High Tatras (

JUL/JUN: Mazal tov! (
Concerts, tours, exhibitions and educational events to present Jewish culture and traditions in Košice

AUG: Lodenica (
Country music festival in Piešťany

AUG: Grape Festival (
Open-air summer music festival in Piešťany

AUG: Kremnické gagy (
International festival of satire and humour in Kremnica

AUG/AUG: Craftsmen Days ÚĽUV (
Festival of traditional crafts and folk production in Bratislava

SEP: Days of St Hubert (
Traditional hunting festivities in Svätý Anton

SEP-DEC: Bratislavské hudobné slávnosti (
International festival of classical music held in September and October

SEP: Salamander Days (
Festival offering crafts, competitions, markets, food, entertainment, and the historical Salamander Procession

SEP: Celebration of Clay – Ceramic (
Modra, known for its majolica, hosts a related festival

SEP/OCT: Divadelná Nitra / Theatre Nitra (
International theatre festival

SEP: Tokaj Cellar’s Open Day (
Tokaj Express Train from Košice to Tokaj region; various culture events and wine tastings

OCT: International Peace Marathon in Košice (
The oldest marathon in Europe

SEP also APR: Salón piva (
Beer festivals in Bratislava

OCT: International Gregorian Chant Festival, Bratislava (

OCT: St Hubert’s Ride (
Meeting of horse breeders from Gemer region and a hunting celebration in Betliar

OCT: Bratislava Jazz Days (

OCT: White night /Nuit Blanche (
Festival of lights offering an exhibition of contemporary art in several unusual places in Košice  and Bratislava during the night

OCT: Deň zelá (Festival of Cabbage), Stupava (

NOV: Svätokatarínska koštovka / Festival of Young Wine (
The Slovak variant of celebrating Beaujolais Nouveau in Modra

NOV: Day of Open Wine Cellars (
More than 100 wine cellars open for wine lovers in the Small Carpathian wine region

NOV: International Film Festival, Bratislava (

DEC: Most of cities and villages hold Christmas markets offering mulled wine and other specialties as well as handicraft products, ending on December 23

DEC: Bratislava and several cities hold open-air New Year’s Eve partie